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Stillwaters Singers

In 1983, the Stillwaters was organized in the vision to help the Ministry of Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific Asia and BMAP churches. The group had already been involved in so many evangelistic crusades and other programs from then up to now.

Since then, the Stillwaters had their members come and go, but the group is still going on strong in the Lord's service. The Lord is really wonderful for blessing the group with talented people from certain churches of BMAP.

Many years have passed but the Stillwaters still continues to praise God through singing. With Mrs. Grace Etabag as their Music Director, the Stillwaters will be here in the ministry until the Lord Returns!

Let us all rejoice for the Lord's return is very near. Strive to work harder in order for those who have not heard of the good news of Salvation may be saved. Let us also pray for those who try to harden their heart from listening to the Word of God.

Be a blessing!! Take care of your testimony and do not conform to the things of this world. Search your heart and burden yourself to be involved in the ministry.


Grace Rufin Etabag
Leny Baliao
Mary Ann Viniegas

Peace Etabag Santos
May Arturo Talisay

Bon Karis Etabag
Bob Carillo

Jose Analito Librodo (not in the picture)
Rex Diotay

Film Ministry

Making Christian movies had always been a dream for Pastor Pete Etabag. Ideas and plans were already circling Pastor Pete's mind but Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific Asia then lacked enough resources to create a movie. But the Lord our God is truly great for He blessed Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific Asia with equipment needed to push through the plans. Furthermore, Lifeword was blessed by God with numerous and talented people that were very much willing to serve the Lord through film making.

And so in 1999 the film ministry began with Pastor Pete and Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific Asia as the producers. The Middlers group of Tangub Missionary Baptist Church (TMBC) was also a part of this ministry for they co-produced the movies.

From then up to the present, 2 movies had already been produced and another movie is planned out to be made. These first two movies were produced with all acting talents taken from TMBC, but that doesn't mean that this ministry is limited to Tangub alone. Anyone or any church could direct a movie, just as long as the movie's content is in line with the Principles of Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific Asia.

There's still more talents out there that needs to be exposed in this great ministry. Let not your talents be wasted in the secular world but rather let it be made useful in the Lord's service.

So many souls are yet to be reached but only a few is there to reach out. Do you share and be a part in the ministry.

Below are the two movies that Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific Asia had produced already: May Ti-on Pa (There's Still Time) and Kapawa Sa Kadudulman (Light In The Darkness).


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