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Radio and Television Ministry began in the Philippines in 1974 as an extension of Harvest Gleaner Hour, Radio and Television Ministry of the Baptist Missionary Association of America. Brother Paul L. Bearfield was then the Executive Director.

When Bro. Travis Moore came to the Philippines as the first BMA Missionary in 1974, he immediately began preaching over radio DYVS and RPN 8 Television. The Program was then called Open Door Broadcast. The following year, Pastor Pete Etabag started the Ilonggo broadcast over DYBQ and continues until the present.

In 1983, Pastor Pete Etabag was appointed by the late Paul L. Bearfield to be the Program Director of the Philippine Broadcast Ministries. The name was changed to Harvest Gleaner Hour which was later on changed to Lifeword. After the death of Brother Paul Bearfield, Brother George Reddin became the Executive Director. Meanwhile, Brother Don Newsom became the Philippine Coordinator up to the present.

It has been the goal of Lifeword Broadcast ministry to work as an arm of the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of the Philippines. Through the years, this vision was accomplished in many ways. The Stillwaters singers was organized in 1983 to help churches in their evangelistic ministry and other programs.

Even until now, the broadcast still continues over the Radio & Television (daily and weekly). Only God knows how many souls had been reached out and blessed through this ministry. Lifeword has now expanded its radio broadcasts to the Warays in Leyte.

As the Lord blessed Lifeword with more people and with new technical equipment, Lifeword ventured into making Ilonggo movies. The two films "May Ti-on Pa" and "Kapawa sa Kadudulman" became a great blessing to our churches and a marvelous tool for evangelism. Countless souls had already been reached out for Christ and many Christians had been encouraged to be more useful to our dear Lord. That is why Lifeword is thankful to the middlers group of Tangub Missionary Baptist Church who helped co-produce these movies. And so Lifeword plans to make more movies and harness all local Christian talents from BMAP churches.

Lifeword is also open for Gospel music recording by local Christian musicians. In fact, Lifeword is doing that at the present. This will help supply our churches with music that they need in their congregational singing, choir and other special songs.

As we await for the return of our Lord, Lifeword continues its vision to help our churches fulfill the great commission!


" Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature... " - Mark 16:15

Lifeword is dedicated to communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ through mass media to every living soul upon the earth.

We are:

• focusing on the unreached,

• making the presentations culturally relevant,

• speaking in the heart-language of the listeners,

• using creative approaches to capture the listeners' attention,

• responding to felt needs of our neighbors, whether near or far,

• ministering to local churches through media services,

• striving always to present ourselves in a professional and Godly manner, and

• working in harmony with our fellow Christians & living exemplary lives, which reflect the God-given joy of being ambassadors for Christ.

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