Welcome to the Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific website. Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific is the radio and television ministry of the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMAA) and of the Baptist Missionary Association of the Philippines (BMAP).

Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific is dedicated to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ through mass media to every living soul upon the earth using a dialect that is native to them.

We hope that through this website of ours, you may get to know more about the great ministry we are involved in here in the Philippines and across Asia. Truly the field is vast but there are only a few people to harvest it. It's a big challenge indeed for this few people to strive hard to reach so many lost souls. There are so many things that are misleading people and we need to guide them to the right direction. It may sound difficult but it is a responsibility that we have to work on unceasingly. We are here to be a light to those who are walking in the shadows of sin and disbelief. We need to make ourselves useful in the ministry of our Lord by sharing the Gospel and the wondrous Salvation that our dear Lord has given to us all. Stop being idle for there's a lot of work ahead of us. Do your share, take part and let our God Almighty be glorified by the things that you are contributing in the ministry. You are greatly challenged! We hope and pray that God will immensely bless you as you continue to serve Him.

If you need any assistance or counseling, do not hesitate to call us at our phone numbers or you can also write us at our mailing addresses. We would really appreciate it also if you can drop us a line at our Guestbook.

We hope that you'll enjoy browsing our website. Have a wonderful day and God bless!

MESSAGE from the Director:

Greetings and welcome to our website. It had been my prayer for many years that the Lord will give us the opportunity to expand our ministry here at Lifeword Asia.

Since 1975, when Lifeword started in the Philippines, we have been preaching the gospel through radio and television, but only in Western Visayas. Today, God has expanded our ministry not only through radio and television but also through multimedia and our radio broadcast had been expanded to reach other language groups here in the Philippines and soon other countries in Asia.

We have produced two movies in Ilonggo and produced numerous music albums by local Christian talents. We have also visited many places and conducted evangelistic crusades with the Lifeword Stillwaters, the singing ensemble of Lifeword Philippines.

As the technology evolves every day, we are also given a better opportunity to bring the gospel even farther. The World Wide Web is a great opportunity to fulfill the great commission. The Lord said that the gospel will be preached to the entire world and then the end will come. I believe we are in the last days because it is only now that this command can be fulfilled. But while we wait for that exciting day of the Lord’s return, we at Lifeword are happy to continue the task of sounding the Word to the world. The Internet is a great means of reaching the world with the message of the gospel and we want to use this means to further minister to you.

We welcome you to browse our website and ponder upon the messages that you can read. Pastor Aster Dedoroy has a lot of things for you to think about and consider. He will give you new things to read every month. You will also be able to read some of the writings of our brothers and sisters in Christ that will help you grow in the Lord. Bon will update you of what’s going on around us by pictures that he will be posting every now and then. You can also download some of our short programs and even request for a copy of our 15 and 30 minute program if you want to. You can also request our available book study of the Bible and we will put that in our download site. You can also request some reading materials for FREE!

To check if we are available in your area, go to our broadcast schedule page. You can also visit our international website ( if you want to know more about Lifeword worldwide. Again, we just want to welcome you and offer our help for your spiritual well being. God bless.

Lifeword Media Ministries Asia-Pacific

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